The UPC College Welcome Back Tour

Canal Conflict
Saturday, September 15, 2012
at the Houghton County Arena
1500 Birch Street, Hancock, MI 49930


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Superior Fights III - Official Results - August 25, 2012

1. Devon Morrison vs. Dan Dufreune 185lbs
Winner: Devon Morrison - Rd 1, 2:10 TKO

2. Levi Ellis vs. Niroop Sinha 135lbs.
Winner: Niroop Sinha – Split Decision

3. Blake Juntenen vs. Rick Stein 145lbs
Winner: Rick Stein – Rd 1, :14 TKO

4. Brandon Apfel vs. David Kubacki 145lbs
Winner: David Kubacki – Rd 1, 1:15 RNC

5. Missy Pointbriand vs. Amanda Rose 145lbs
Winner: Amanda Rose – Rd 1, 2:02 Side Arm Choke

6. Levi LaTulip vs. Scott Houlihan 185lbs
Winner: Scott Houlihan – Decision

7. Rob Fisher vs. David Firlotte 145lbs
Winner: David Firlotte – Rd 1, :34 VS

8. Frank Schuman vs. Derek Flok 160lbs
Winner: Derek Flok – Rd 2, 1:23 RNC

9. Brandon Wrzenski vs. Adam Posthuma 170lbs
Winner: Brandon Wrzenski – Rd 1, 1:04 TKO

10. Jeremy Nelson vs. David Herline 195lbs MT
Winner: Jeremy Nelson – Rd 1 2:18 KO

11. Bill Baker vs. Anthony Coleman SPR
Winner: Anthony Coleman – Rd 2, :45 TKO

12. Travis Karppinen vs. Jonas Flok 155lbs
Winner: Jonas Flok – Rd 1, 2:44 TKO

13. Jeff Martin vs. Bobby Morrison 185lbs
Winner: Bobby Morrison – Rd 1, 2:26 RNC

14. Rachel Smith vs. Raquel Magdaleno 115lbs. Title
Winner: Raquel Magdaleno – Decision

15. Jeremy Nelson vs. Labron Oldham 185lbs. Title
Winner:Labron Oldham – Rd 2, 2:18 TKO

Lift Bridge Brawl - Official Results - June 16, 2012

1. Tylor Frederick vs. Eric Lungren 185lbs
Winner: Tylor Frederick – Rd 1 :25 TKO

2. Dan Deufrane vs. Dan Hallock 190lbs
Winner: Dan Hallock – Rd 1 :20 TKO

3. Rob Fisher vs. Logan Desrosier 155lbs
Winner: Rob Fisher - Rd 1 2:21 Guillotine

4. Levi Ellis vs. Kenneth Spurgeon 125lbs MT
Winner: Levi Ellis – Rd 1 2:21 Verbal Submission

5. Stewart Krumm vs. Brandon Schutz 140lbs
Winner: Stewart Krumm – Rd 1 :14 RNC

6. Dan Grosso vs. Luke Drier 175lbs
Winner: Dan Grosso – Rd 1 2:59 Guillotine

7. Cody Colson vs. Dallas Webb 155lbs MT
Winner: Dallas Webb – Rd 1 1:47 TKO

8. Jonas Flok vs. Jodi Butkovich 155lbs
Winner: Jonas Flok – Rd 1 2:18 Arm Bar

9. Morgan Hatch vs. Staicee Karppinen 150lbs
Winner: Morgan Hatch – Rd 2 1:43 TKO

10. Jeremy Nelson vs. David Herline 195lbs MT
Winner: Jeremy Nelson – Rd 1 2:18 KO

11. Derek Flok vs. David Ford 155lbs
Winner: Derek Flok – Rd 1 2:42 Guillotine

12. Tom Babakitis vs. Mike Verbeke 205lbs
Winner: Mike Verbeke – Rd 1 2:06 TKO

13. Jeff Martin vs. Labron Oldham 185lbs
Winner: Labron Oldham – Split Decision

14. Travis Karppinen vs. Jay Batzel 145lbs
Winner: Travis Karppinen – Rd 1 :51 Guillotine

15. Brian Solander vs. Matt Hallock 185lbs MT
Winner: Brian Solander – Rd 2 TKO (Time N/A)

Superior Fights II Results:

Fight 1 155lbs. MMA
Julian Thomas vs. Logan DesRosier
Winner: Julian Thomas- Rd 2 3:00 Retirement

Fight 2 170lbs MMA
Daniel Grosso vs. Mel Brown
Winner: Daniel Grosso- Rd 1 2:35 TKO

Fight 3 145lbs MMA
Rob Fisher vs. Zac Bardo
Winner: Bardo- Rd 1 Technical Decision

Fight 4 145lbs MMA
David Firlotte vs. Jodi Butkovich
Winner: Butkovich- Rd 1 1:36 Guillotine

Fight 5 155lbs MMA
Taylor Grounds vs. Jonas Flok
Winner: Jonas Flok- Unanimous Decision

Fight 6 155lbs MMA
Eric Brown vs. Zac Foresman
Winner: Eric Brown- Rd 1 1:36 Guillotine

Fight 7 195lbs Muay Thai
Gary DeVroy vs. Matt Hallock
Winner: Matt Hallock- Rd 2 2:52 TKO

Fight 8 140lbs MMA
Josh Neimi vs. Brandon Schutz
Winner: Josh Neimi- Rd 1 :03 KO

Fight 9 170lbs MMA
Dylan VanGinkle vs. Mitchell Justinak
Winner: Mitchel Justinak- Rd 1 2:02 Arm Bar

Fight 10 140lbs MMA
Frank Sade vs. Kelly Dennis
Winner: Frank Sade- Unanimous Decision

Fight 11 170lbs MMA
Cory McCullogh vs. Tim Dunkel
Winner: Cory McCullogh- Rd 1 2:05 TKO

Fight 12 145lbs Muay Thai
Erin McCulloch vs. Missy Pontbriand
Winner: Erin McCulloch- Rd 3 2:23 TKO

Fight 13 190lbs MMA
Simon Zelenski vs. Mike Shipp
Winner: Simon Zelenski- Rd 1 2:25 TKO

Fight 14 155lbs MMA
Mike Hylton vs. Derek Flok
Winner: Derek Flok- Rd 1 KO

Fight 15 185lbs Muay Thai
Bryan Solander vs. Bryan Matkin
Winner: Bryan Solander- Rd 3 1:23 TKO


Main Event

Fight 16 185lbs MMA
Jeff Martin vs. Andres Torres
Winner: Andres Torres- Unanimous Decision




Recent Events

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CLICK HERE for results from Relentless! (June 25th 2011, Sturgis Saloon Skandia MI)
CLICK HERE for results from Superior Fights... (March 26th 2011, Lakeview Arena Marquette MI)

Uprising Results:

Amateur Bouts

Fight 1 155lbs
Mitchell Justinak vs. Eric Brown
Winner: Mitchell Justinak - Split Decision

Fight 2 145lbs
Ben Fredenburg vs. Jay Batzel
Winner: Jay Batzel - Unanimous Decision

Fight 3 170lbs
Jason Roeker vs. Cory McCulloch
Winner: Cory McCulloch - KO :19 sec RD 1

Fight 4 145lbs
Travis Karppinen vs Frank Sade
Winner: Frank Sade - Unanimous Decision

Fight 5 145lbs Muay Thai
Xaiole Brandon Zhang vs Alan Panula
Winner: Xaiole Brandon Zhang - TKO 2:47 RD 1

Fight 6 190lbs
Jeff Martin vs. John Sayers-Thibault
Winner: Jeff Martin - Submission (Americana) 2:29 RD 1

Fight 7 150lbs
Julian Emert vs. Justin Gauthier
Winner: Justin Gauthier - Submission (Choke) 2:03 RD 2

Fight 8 205lbs
Justin Schultz vs. Jeremy Nelson
Winner: Jeremy Nelson - Submission (RNC) 1:18 RD 1

Fight 9 155lbs
Jessi Martin vs. John Robydek
Winner: Jessi Martin - TKO 2:12 RD 2

Professional Bouts

Fight 10 145lbs
Ivan Wolshlager vs. Chris Moore
Winner: Ivan Wolshlager - Submission (Standing Guillotine) 4:49 RD 1

Fight 11 185lbs
Travis Nath vs. Chris Skoglund
Winner: Travis Nath - Submission (RNC) 3:11 RD 1

Fight 12 195lbs
Caleb Grummet vs. Tim Nixon
Winner: Caleb Grummet - Submission (Arm Triangle) 1:19 RD 1

Main Event

Fight 13 155lbs
Amir Khillah vs. Jay Little
Winner: Amir Khillah - TKO 1:04 RD 2

Relentless! Results:

Fight 1 155lbs MMA
Brent Anderson (KCC) vs Derek Flok (Sturgeon Bay MMA)
Winner Derek Flok (Tko Rd. 1)

Fight 2 160lbs MMA
Jesse Langley (K.C.C.) vs Taylor Grounds (U.S. Muay Thai)
Winner Taylor Grounds (Tko Rd 2)

Fight 3 185lbs MMA
Simon Zelenski (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Jonas Flok (Sturgeon Bay mma)
Winner Jonas Flok (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 4 150lbs MMA
Stewie Krum (K.C.C.) vs Mike Jennarou (Nixon Combatives)
Winner Mike Jennarou ( Tko verbal submission Rd 1)

Fight 5 185lbs MMA
Corey McCulloch (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Josh Murphy (Independant)
Winner Corey McCulloch (Tko Rd 2)

Fight 6 160 lbs Muay Thai
Eric Brown (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Aaron Fultz (Detroit Dog Pound)
Winner Eric Brown (Tko Rd 1)

Fight 7 145 lbs MMA
David Vaughn (Independent) vs Travis Karppinen (Independent)
Winner Travis Karppinen (Rnc Rd 1)

Fight 8 145 lbs MMA
Caleb Lancour (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Dave Brown (Sturgeon Bay mma)
Winner Dave Brown (KO Rd 1)

Fight 9 185 lbs MMA
Jeff Martin (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Nick Knight (Team Decremer)
Winner Jeff Martin (Rnc Rd 1)

Fight 10 150 lbs MMA
Tony Williams (Independent) vs Mike Jennarou (Nixon Combatives)
Winner Tony Williams (Triangle Choke Rd 1)

Fight 11 205lbs MMA
Jeremy Nelson (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Jordan Seufzer (Team Buck)
Winner Jeremy Nelson (Split Decision)

Superior Fights Results:

Fight #1 – 135lbs. – Muay Thai rules
Alan Panula (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Adam Rodriquez (Team Gordon)
Winner: Alan Panula in round 2 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #2 – 220lbs. – MMA rules
Jason Axley (Independent) vs Jacques Bordeau (Team Slice)
Winner: Jacques Bordeau in round 1 by TKO.

Fight #3 – 185lbs. – Muay Thai rules
Mike Robare (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Brian Payne (Team Gordon)
Winner: Mike Robare in round 3 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #4 – 145lbs. – MMA rules
Travis Karppinen (Independent) vs Jonny Anderson (Team Sixel)
Winner: Travis Karppinen in round 1 by tap out due to triangle choke submission.

Fight #5 – 205lbs. – Muay Thai rules
Gary DeVroy (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Mike Dixon (Team Gordon)
Winner: Gary DeVroy in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #6 – 185lbs. – MMA rules
Jeff Martin (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Justin Knuth (Team Sixel)
Winner: Jeff Martin in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #7 – 185lbs. – Muay Thai rules
Kasaim Koonala (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Bryan Matkin (Team Slice)
Winner: Kasaim Koonala in round 3 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #8 – 155lbs. – MMA rules
Caleb Lancour (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Jason Whitmer (Independent)
Winner: Caleb Lancour in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #9 – 205lbs. – MMA rules
Jeremy Nelson (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Jesse Ferguson (Team Sixel)
Winner: Jeremy Nelson in round 1 by knock out.

Fight #10 – Super Heavyweight – MMA rules
Bill Baker (Independent) vs Cole Carter (Team Gordon)
Winner: Bill Baker in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #11 – 160lbs. – MMA rules
Tony Williams (Independent) vs John Robydek (Mutt MMA)
Winner: John Robydek in round 2 by TKO.

Fight #12 – 155lbs. – MMA rules
Shaun Maki (U.S. Muay Thai) vs Corey Burgess (Mutt MMA)
Winner: Corey Burgess in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.